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Robert C. Peters, Jr.

Owner and Craftsman

Robert C. Peters, Sr.

Master Craftsman

Bobby worked with his father who is a Master Craftsman all his life. He joined his dad and the log home business, Mitchell Mountain Company, in 2002 after 14 years supervising a manufacturing department. After spending much time learning the trade from his father, Bobby's passion for this fine craftsmanship became a desire to succeed in building quality log homes. Mitchell Mountain Company has since retired production and Bobby started Mitchell Mountain Log Homes, LLC, in 2007. He will continue to build hand crafted log homes, railings, and other projects as he has learned from his father. His commitment to perfection demonstrates his passion in his work to deliver satisfaction to his customers. Bobby and his father invite you to visit their work site or contact them anytime for questions.

Robert Peters has been a craftsman all of his life. From building toy boxes to 10,000 square feet homes. Robert worked for the State of Vermont as a resident Engineer until he co-founded the engineering consulting firm PCCI. He started his own company, Mitchell Mountain Company in 2000 so he could focus on his real passion - building hand crafted log homes. He currently lives in the first log home he built with his family. The home was built with hand selected Vermont logs that have been hand peeled and hand scribed. Mitchell Mountain Company has since retired production, thus opening an opportunity for his son Bobby, to start Mitchell Mountain Log Homes, LLC. Robert is an excellent teacher. He enjoys instructing others on the art of building hand crafted log homes.

Mitchell Mountian Log Homes, LLC | PO Box 35 Granby, VT 05840 | 802.328.3975